Disciples: Review

I picked this book up at Floating World during their moving sale. It’s kind of wild that FW is moving to the Lloyd Center and that we’re all now indulging the fantasy where the mall becomes a chill haven for hipster destination businesses. But the Old Town area in Portland feels like a lost cause; there was a shooting there just last night.

Ben Marra’s pulpy style is pretty irresistible to me. As someone who’s often nostalgic for self-serious action films of the 1980s, Marra’s fit, trashy beefcakes with high cheekbones do a great job of bringing that era back to life.

David Birke and Nicholas McCarthy are unknown to me, but they picked an excellent collaborator with Marra. There are a handful of great artists like him that I would pick up books for on the basis of his involvement.

The cover evokes a Manson-like cult world, where you assume you’ll be following the adventures of women in peril. It opens with 2 friends hanging out, longing for interesting things to happen. The less innocent of the two purposefully invokes a Manson-type musician, who lures them out their certain doom. We don’t learn much about what terrible fate the two friends met as the book jumps confidently to the future or the present where Clara, the sole survivor of the cult, is now appearing on television to tell her truth. The book then shifts is perspective to Clara’s daughter, Wren, as mundane life and then chaos unfolds.

About 2/3 of the way through this book I had an eerie smile come across my face, enjoying the insanity of the work as this book does an excellent job of delivering full-on psychedelic chaos. As it turns out, our cult is a coven of vampires living out in the desert, drinking each other’s blood and engaging in hedonistic/masochistic rituals.